4x 7cm Polished Shungite Pyramid (Save $30)

A unique stone originating from Russia, the only known natural material to contain fullerenes, a very special bond of carbon molecules, with the capability to modify the surface and body of inorganic and organic materials. The fullerenes also hold high energy levels, and high value of electron affinity energy (change in energy)Shungite has been used for neutralising, protecting and transforming electromagnetic frequency, containing nuclear waste, soothing anxiety, detoxifying, balancing and healing.


The Polished Shungite Pyramid is a perfect addition in your home, and work space.

They also double as a stylish decorating item!


4x 7cm Polished Shungite Pyramid (Base Length = 7cm, Height = 4.4cm)


Please wash your Shungite under cold water once it arrives to remove any excess Shungite powder.

4x 7cm Polished Shungite Pyramid (Save $30)

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