Blessfruit x Beliachi Candle

Hello! My name is Beliachi, and I am a natural locally sourced beeswax homemade into a candle with love ♥  I come in two sizes; 200ml without shungite and 400ml with natural shungite. Each candle has a pinch of organic Vanilla essence for a subtle hint.

I am an all loving toxin free candle, excited to light up your home. I release a subtle natural honey scent to warm, calm, and purify your surroundings. I filter out any unwanted scents and help to neutralise the smell.

I can't wait to meet you.

Beeswax candles are notorious for cracking or shrinking. This is just part of it's natural drying process. Much like the natural ageing process, not always so smooth, but perfect in its natural form. Please know if your beeswax cracks at any time that this does not affect the candle or benefits in anyway, it will still burn longer than most candles!

Blessfruit x Beliachi Candle